Maria Elisa Navarro Morales

Maria Elisa Navarro Morales is an assistant professor at the Department of History of Art and Architecture at Trinity College Dublin. She graduated as an architect from Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá in 1999, obtained a Masters in History and Theory of Architecture in 2006 and a PhD in 2013 both from McGill University School of Architecture.  Before joining Trinity College in 2019, Dr. Navarro Morales held teaching positions in Colombia (2014 – 2019) and Canada (2011 – 2013). She is interested in the relationship between books and buildings and in non-canonical architectural manifestations. Her research has centred around the theoretical and built work of Spanish polymath Juan Caramuel de Lobkowitz, a Seventeenth Century polymath whose work has served her as a window into the intellectual world of his time. She is particularly interested in disseminating the architectural works of this fascinating figure that despite being held high by his contemporaries has been left out of mainstream history. Dr. Navarro Morales has participated in several international events where she has successfully presented her work. She has also published some of her findings in book chapters and journals. She is currently working on the publication of a manuscript of the Architectura Natural, the unpublished volume of Caramuel's architectural treatise.