Ramón Mujica Pinilla

Ramón Mujica is an art historian  who specializes in Baroque Andean Christian art and iconography. He has done his postgraduate studies at New College (Sarasota, FLA) and  at St. Marc University, in Lima. Among his various  publications are: Ángeles  Apócrifos  en  la America Virreinal (1996), which examine the influence of Renaissance Hebrew angelology and Christian prophecy in Spanish imperial political theology, mysticism and art both in Spain and the Americas; Rosa Limensis ( 2001), a historical survey  on XVII´s century creole female spirituality championed by saint Rose of Lima, the first saint of the Americas. More recently the Printing Press of the Peruvian Congress has edited an anthological volume of his work titled: La Imagen Transgredida (2016). The book includes in depth essays on the nature of “Colonial art”: the false relationship between Metropolitan center and Provincial periphery, the Andean uses of European printed visual models, the influence and transformation of Tridentine iconography and theology, Jesuit mnemotecnics, the relationship between  sermons and emblem books, the survival of Medieval and Renaissance Classical motives in 18th century Andean art, among other topics. Mujica is an elected member of the Peruvian Academy of History (since 2007) and of the Argentinian Academia Nacional de Bellas Artes. Until recently he has been the National Director of the National Library of Peru (2010-2016) and has authored essays for catalogues and collaborated in the curatorial work of art exhibits in Peru, Spain and the United States.