Francesco Laurana, Bust of a woman, known as Eleonora de Aragona, last quarter of the XVth century. Marble, 40 cm. Palermo, Galleria Regionale di Palazzo Abbatelis (display by Carlo Scarpa). Photo: © Alessandra Russo 


Our project aims to shape an emerging field, the art history of the Iberian worlds in the long sixteenth-century, exploring connections between the historically Spanish regions of what is now Italy and the Iberian Americas. We seek to create a network of scholars, including especially scholars trained in Italy and in Latin America, with an interest in pushing at traditional boundaries of local geographical expertise and seeing the material they know best in a new historical framework. We aim to challenge the trend toward microhistory and regional studies that still predominates in all early modern fields. At the same time, our goal is not pursue a “global” approach to art history, but rather to study the relationship between two specific zones whose histories run to a certain extent in parallel but which have always been studied separately.  

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"Spanish Italy and the Iberian Americas" is supported by the Getty Foundation as a Connecting Art Histories project.

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